At Hampden Christian School, we seek to lead each child into his or her fullest, God-given potential. We believe this includes academic excellence, character development and participation in community.

We promote mastery of the basic skills with sensitivity to various learning styles. We offer a well-rounded curriculum with a goal of developing within children a lifelong love of learning. We provide a safe and stimulating environment for children to explore, discover and create.

We believe children learn best in community. Our classrooms consist of a dedicated teacher and a small group of mixed-age children. We seek to nurture childrenís hearts as we shape the character of each student according to his or her God-given gifts.

We believe that having something to contribute to a community enhances a childís sense of worth. A major goal of the school is to encourage children to be positive contributors to the classroom community. In addition, Hampden Christian School will be involved in various community service projects throughout the year.